"The know how and flavour" passed on from generation to generation 

These are the inner qualities that make the heart of the company which confer to the products outstanding characteristics of rare goodness and excellent selling potential, destined to the most demanfing consumers and specialised distribution channels.



It is a procedure carried out by hand and consists of trimming the leg removing part of the fat and the rind, so that to give it the classic rounded shape of Prosciutto di Parma. During this procedure, only the best pork legs are selected. The15-20 % of pork legs we receive get discarded due to non-correspondence to our compliance criteria.

Salting is the most delicate and most important operation of the production process. Salt is necessary to preserve and dry the meat. The application of the right amount of salt is the key to convey to San Giacomo’s Prosciutto di Parma its unique features at the end of the curing: light and uniform ruby colour, delicate and sweet flavour, and unmistakable fragrance.

The part of the ham without rind is spread with a paste of minced pork fat that softens the meat.

After twelve months of curing and the proper probing and checking operations, inspectors from Istituto Parma Qualità (Parma quality institute) fire-brand hams with the famous five-pointed Ducal Crown and the underlying initials identifying the producing company. From that moment on, simple hams become authentic Prosciutto di Parma DOP.

Hams are “pierced” with a special horse-bone needle. This material has the property to keep the fragrance, immediately release it and then recapture it. An inspector pierces each ham at 5 critical points. Smelling the needle after each puncture, the inspector is able to analyse each ham’s characteristics and guarantee consumers the high quality of our Prosciutto.

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